Cocaine Possession Attorney

Are you facing drug charges involving cocaine?

Cocaine is a drug in powder form that is derived from the leaves of the Coca plant.  It is a stimulant affecting the central nervous system, and has very powerful addictive properties.  Drug charges involving cocaine are prosecuted very harshly in the state of Arizona, even if it is only your first offense.  It takes only nine grams to trigger a mandatory prison sentence, and depending on the quantity of cocaine in your possession at the time of arrest, you could be charged with possession of a narcotic drug for sale, even if you had no intentions of selling or distributing the drug.  If you are facing drug charges involving cocaine, do not risk a conviction by doing so on your own.  Contact a Phoenix cocaine possession lawyer right away, who is capable of providing your case with skilled legal representation.

Cocaine & Drug Possession Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

Being convicted on drug charges involving cocaine can bring serious consequences, including imprisonment for up to 12.5 years, and fines in the thousands of dollars.  Additionally, the conviction can leave a felony mark on your criminal record, which could affect your future prospects regarding getting a job or buying a home.  At Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC we have considerable experience in defending clients who are facing serious drug charges.  We handle criminal cases in all courts in Arizona, both state and federal, and we employ a dedicated and single-minded approach to obtaining favorable case outcomes for the people we represent.  We may be able to provide you with legal representation in your drug case, and build a defense that greatly increases your chances of a case resolution that is advantageous to you.

Are you facing drug charges that involve cocaine?  Contact a Phoenix Cocaine attorney today, who can evaluate your case and advise you of the defense strategy.