Crystal Meth Defense Attorney in Phoenix

Methamphetamine Possession

Crystal meth, or methamphetamine, is a stimulant drug with extremely powerful addictive properties.  In its most common crystallized form, the drug is inhaled by smoking, typically from some kind of pipe.  Because meth can be made in small, improvised drug laboratories (usually referred to as “meth labs”), the production and availability of the drug has increased, leading to Arizona enacting some of the toughest crystal meth laws in the country.

For instance, if you are convicted on a crystal meth charge, you are not eligible for drug treatment and mandatory probation as provided by Arizona’s “proposition 200,” even if you intended the drug only for personal use.  You could face 5 to 15 years in state prison if you are caught with an amount above the threshold level, as you will be believed to have had intent to sell or distribute the drug.  If you have been arrested on charges involving crystal meth, do not attempt to face those charges alone.  Contact a Phoenix drug crime attorney right away who can protect your rights and ensure you receive a fair trial.

Phoenix Meth Crime Defense Attorney

A knowledgeable attorney in the area of drug-related crimes can provide you with a defense that may help you avoid the consequences of a crystal meth conviction. Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC have been representing clients in criminal cases for years, and we have the experience necessary to build a defense that greatly increases the chances of a person’s drug charges being lessened or dropped.  We may be able to help you in your crystal meth case, and increase the possibility of an outcome to your case that is beneficial to you and your future.

If you have been arrested on drug charges involving crystal meth, it is highly advised you Contact a Phoenix Meth Defense Lawyer right away to discuss your case.