Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

Drug Trafficking Lawyer Phoenix, Arizona

Drug trafficking involves the illegal manufacturing and distribution of controlled substances. This particular offense can carry some of the most severe penalties in Arizona, and can involve serious federal penalties as well. If convicted, the offender faces mandatory prison time with no possibility of probation, and depending on the exact circumstances and their prior record, the sentence may be increased. Various means may be utilized by the police to prove guilt in such an offense, including surveillance, wiretaps, search warrants, confidential informants, and undercover officers. If you have been arrested for drug trafficking, you are facing very serious charges and it is crucial that you contact a skilled Phoenix drug trafficking defense attorney who can represent you in court and protect your rights.

Are you facing drug trafficking charges?

The long-term consequences of a drug trafficking conviction can be substantial, even beyond the prison time and other possible penalties. Your chances of obtaining a job in the future could be lessened considerably, and you may face difficulty in purchasing a home or applying for secondary education. As clandestine means are often used to gather evidence against one in a drug trafficking case, the chances of mistakes or errors being made during the investigation, or entrapment being involved, are high. An experienced drug trafficking attorney in Phoenix will be able to expose these mistakes or errors, and use them to get the charges against you lessened, or dropped entirely.

At Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC, our firm is comprised of experienced attorneys who have helped many clients in their drug crime cases. We may be able to utilize our skill and expertise in building a defense for you, and increase the chances of an outcome to your case that is favorable to you and your future.

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