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Federal Drug Crimes Defense

Drug crimes and consequential penalties are delineated under both federal law and state law. Federal law, however, has a different classification system pertaining to the perceived danger of each type of controlled substance. In Arizona, for example, medical marijuana is now legal, and yet possession of marijuana, medical or not, is illegal under federal law. In fact, marijuana is a Schedule I drug. Schedule I drugs are defined as those that have a high potential for abuse and addiction and no accepted medicinal uses. In general, the federal government focuses its energy on prosecuting bigger players, not those who are violating the law for personal use. Exceptions can and do occur, of course, so whether you are facing federal charges for drug possession, manufacturing, distribution, sales, importation ortrafficking, it is important that you have a Phoenix drug crimes defense lawyer by your side.

Arrested for a Federal Drug Offense?

Federal drug offenses require a great deal more work on both the part of the prosecution and the defense. If you have been arrested on a federal drug charge, you will want to retain experienced, aggressive legal representation. At Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC, we have considerable practice defending cases such as these. You will need a legal team working full time on your behalf, a team who will investigate the scene of the crime with a meticulous attention to detail and a team who will review your arrest file for any possible violations of your rights. Your representation should be committed to your case.

Our Drug Defense Lawyers Know How to Help Your Case in Phoenix

Certain drugs are penalized more heavily under federal sentencing guidelines. Trafficking in a Schedule I or Schedule II drug, for example, could potentially end in the jury convicting you and the judge sentencing you to life in prison. Other Schedule I and II drugs are heroine, cocaine, methamphetamine, PCP, crack and ecstasy. Do not let these charges ruin your life.

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