Heroin Possession and Sale Lawyer Arizona

Drug Charges Involving Heroin

Of all the illegal drugs currently in circulation, Heroin is considered one of the most dangerous, and is treated accordingly in Arizona drug laws.  The threshold amount in possession cases is only 1 gram.  If you possess more than that, you will face felony charges, and even a first offense can be punishable by 12 ½ years in prison.  A second offense can bring a penalty of 23 ¼ years in prison, and a third can result in a penalty of a minimum of 6 years in federal prison and a maximum of 35 years in state prison.  If you are caught possessing heroin in an amount below the threshold level, you may still face certain penalties, though jail time is not included.  It is important that you hire an experienced Phoenix drug crime attorney if you are facing drug charges involving heroin, to give yourself the best possible chance of an outcome to your case that is favorable to you.

Are you facing drug charges involving heroin?

Because Arizona law is so tough on drug charges that involve heroin, a conviction on such charges can have consequences that are disastrous to your future and the future of your family.  You may be unable to find gainful employment, and your ability to purchase a home or take part in secondary education may also be affected.  You need a skilled attorney who can comprehensively investigate the charges against you, so that they can build a strong defense which will increase the likelihood of a resolution to your case which is advantageous to you.  The attorneys at Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC have ample experience in defending drug crime cases, and may be able provide you with representation that possibly sees the charges against you lessened or completely dismissed.

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