Marijuana Charge Defense Attorney Phoenix

Drug Offense Lawyer

Marijuana cases in Phoenix, Arizona can be simple or very complex depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime, including the quantity of marijuana on hand when the accused was caught.  The charges involving marijuana are many, and include possession, sale, trafficking, production/cultivation, possession for sale and importation.  Each of these charges is considered a felony.  The penalties can also vary greatly, from monetary fines to prison time, with sentences reaching 12.5 years, and sale within a school zone can also bring an additional $2000 in fines.  If you have been arrested on drug charges involving marijuana, then it is important you contact an experienced Phoenix Marijuana defense attorney who can inform you of your rights and possibly represent you in court.

Marijuana Defense Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

Though marijuana is not considered as serious a drug as more dangerous narcotics, such as heroin and methamphetamine, a conviction on charges involving it can still have very serious consequences on one’s future, including the ability to acquire a job or purchase a house.  A Phoenix marijuana attorney can ensure your rights are protected for the duration of your trial, and increase your chances of a favorable case outcome for you. Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC has 80 years of combined experience in defending clients, and is dedicated and relentless when it comes to serving the needs of our clients in court.  We handle criminal cases in all courts in Arizona, both state and federal, and if we represent you in your marijuana case, we will do our utmost to increase the likelihood of your charges being lessened or completely dropped.

If you have been arrested on drug charges involving marijuana, contact a Phoenix, AZ marijuana defense Lawyer right away to discuss your case.