Prescription Drug Fraud Attorney

Prescription Fraud Crime Attorney

Prescription fraud is a crime that involves forgery, misrepresentation, or some form of counterfeiting in order to illegally acquire prescription drugs.  It may be done by stealing, altering, or creating counterfeit blank prescription slips, and those may be for personal use or for the illegal distribution of the drugs to others.  Other types of such fraud may include manufacturing the drugs themselves, or taking one’s own prescription and using it to sell or distribute the drug to others.  In whatever form it may take, the crime is looked upon very seriously by law enforcement officials and prosecutors in Arizona, and a conviction can carry very stiff penalties, including years of imprisonment.  If you have been charged with prescription fraud, you are advised to contact a Phoenix drug crime attorney right away, so that your chances of a favorable trial outcome are increased.

Drug Crime Lawyer Phoenix, AZ

If you have been arrested for prescription fraud in Phoenix, you are facing serious felony charges, and the consequences of a conviction could be very detrimental to your future.  Having an Phoenix prescription drug fraud attorney with experience in the area will greatly increase your chances of a fair trial, and will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process.  Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC has defended numerous clients in drug-related crimes cases, and we employ a dedicated, relentless approach to litigation, fully investigating the charges against our clients for discrepancies or errors on the part of the arresting officials.  If we represent you, we will work hard to build a defense in your case that will increase the likelihood of an outcome that is advantageous to you.

Have you been charged with prescription fraud?  Contact a Phoenix Prescription Drug Fraud Attorney today that can provide you with advice as to your legal options.