Drug Sales Attorney

Drug Trafficking Lawyer Phoenix, AZ

Drug sales cases are often treated even more harshly than possession for sale cases in Arizona. Prosecutors will utilize a variety of means to prove guilt, including undercover police officers, search warrants, surveillance, and confidential informants. The penalties for conviction can be serious, and involve jail and prison sentences. Some of the more common drugs that are involved in drug sales cases are:

If you have been arrested for the sale of drugs, retaining the services of a skilled Phoenix drug sales attorney is highly advised, as they will be able to fully investigate the charges against you and ensure your rights were not violated at any time.

The Consequences of a Drug Sales Conviction

As drug-related crimes are looked upon so harshly in the state of Arizona, the consequences of a drug sales conviction can be considerable, and long-lasting. You may have substantial difficulty in acquiring a job later in life, buying a home or car, or engaging in secondary education. That is why it is important to have an Arizona drug sales attorney working on your case who can represent your best interests during your trial. Whenever undercover or clandestine activity is utilized to build a case against you, there is always the possibility that entrapment by the police can be proven, or that your rights were violated in other ways.

Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC, has defended many clients arrested for drug-related crimes in both state and federal courts throughout Arizona, and is thorough and precise in investigating the charges against them. Our firm may be able to provide you with legal services in your Phoenix drug sales case, and provide an effective defense that will increase the likelihood of your charges being lessened or dismissed altogether.

Contact a Phoenix drug sales defense lawyer if you have been charged with the sale of drugs and require legal help for your case.