Search Warrants Attorney Phoenix

Have you been served with a search warrant?

Search warrants are used by law enforcement to search a person’s vehicle, belongings or premises in the hopes of finding illegal substances that can be used as evidence against the party the search warrant was issued on.  In order for law enforcement to obtain a search warrant, they must have probable cause to suspect that you have committed some type of a crime.  However, in Phoenix the police may also perform warrantless searches under very specific and limited circumstances.  If you have been arrested due to a search — whether with a warrant or without one, contact a Phoenix drug crimes attorney to protect your rights in this matter.  Having the right attorney defending you can make all the difference between an arrest and a possible dismissal of your charges.

Valid Warrantless Searches

There are certain circumstances where a police officer may search you, your vehicle or your home without a warrant.  These include:

  • Searching you during an arrest
  • Impounded vehicle being searched to inventory contents
  • Body search for a weapon when the officer feels there is a threat
  • Probable cause search of a vehicle
  • Searches conducted with approval of the individual

These searches may lead to evidence being found and used against you later.  With the legal expertise of Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC, our firm will attempt to show that the search may have been illegal if it failed to qualify under the warrant requirement.  If this evidence can be challenged, your case may be dismissed.

Even with a valid search warrant, if the police officers fail to follow the letter of the law in what they search for and how the search is conducted, the evidence can be suppressed by the court.  Our legal team is well-versed in fighting drug crime charges and will use every defense possible to lessen the charges against you or even have your charges dismissed, depending upon the circumstances of the case.

Contact a Phoenix Search Warrant Lawyer if a search warrant has resulted in drug charges against you.